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You're viewing Xenogears Cheat Codes

Game Name : Xenogears
System : Playstation
Date Added : 2002-06-17 09:53:20
Views : 8110

Cheat :
Change Gears Quickly:
When you are on the world map or a place that you can use your Gears, press L2+R2 and you can hop in and out without going to the menu.

Defeating Hamar:
This is a useful tip for playing disk 2 of Xenogears. At the dungeon where Rico gets his new gear, there's this monster called Hamar, who self-destructs after he glows red. The explosion is lethal but the party can escape before Hamar blows up.

However, the trick here is to kill him before he blows up and he will give a special item which increases the rate of receiving rare items. (Actually, it goes to 100%.) The way to do it is to reserve some infinity or level 3 attacks until he turns red. Once he starts glowing, give it all to him. (Booster helps too!)

With the special item equipped, go to any forest & fight white snails. These creatures were plentiful in disk 1 but now they are quite rare. Killling these creatures gives the speed belt (helps gears & human battles). Besides this, there are many other special items/equipment carried by monsters.

Fighting Tip:
Immediatly dash up to your opponent and begin rapidly alternating between the X attack and the CIRCLE dash buttons. X will launch a kick and CIRLCE will cancel the combo, allowing you to immediatly start another. With a bit of practice, any gear (including the Champ's) will be in endless stagger until it croaks. Battle on, Fei!

Fun Things to Do:
1: In Lahan Village search Fei's bed you will find two hundred smackers. Also search the barrles near Fie's room you will find two aquasols.

2: To get a Movie scene at the begining talk to the maid in the room across from Fei's room to get a cool movie scene.

3: This one is use less but fun go behind Alice's house talk to the boy he says that he had a crush on Alice. Most of the people talk about Alice so talk to them.

Get the Deathblow Item:
When you are on the Thames, you will encounter people who challenge you to a game that is similar to speed. If you win against all the people located in the Beer hall and the Supply Grounds, go to the Armor grounds and play against the female who is standing with two men. If you bet her, she will give you a deathblow item for your gear. This item will allow you to do a deathblow attack.

Help on Beating Calamity:
At the end of the Stalactite Cave you will meet a huge Gear. Not a happy camper, Calamity the Gear will be a large problem. Make sure Fei and Bart are on high levels (20-25), even though it is still hard to win at that. Have Bart cast Wild Smile on Calamity, making it hard for him to hit you with any of his physical attacks. Next, hit him with all your ten point attacks, and save your energy until your gear power is at level one. Use your best level one combos for both Fei and Bart, hopefully huting the huge gear. Keep in mind that Calamity has 2500 Hp. It will take a while to wear him down. Don't be so happy about how much he can hurt you,his missle attack will still hit you a whopping 400-500 damage, not giving you much time. But if it ever comes to this, use Fei's Guided Shot as your last defense.

Lahan Well Items:
At the start of the game in Lahan, jump down the well a few times. You'll get an eyeball (sell it for gold) an Aquasol S, a Power Ring, a chill (yes, a chill) and a lot of "well" puns!

Lucca Cameo:
This isn't really a code, but it's fun to see! Remember Lucca in Chrono Trigger? Well, she's in Xenogears! When you first start the game and take control of Fei, go to the Information House (left of the Elder's House). There, if you look closely, you'll see that it's in fact Lucca who teaches you about Save Points.

Music Test:
Just after beating "The Champ" Rico at the arena, head over to the Wildcat Bar in the Civilian Area in Kislev. You'll find Big Joe standing near an alley. He'll ask you for 5000 G to show you something cool. Give him the gold, but he'll take it and run. Let him have it. Later, after the air raid by Aveh, you'll see Big Joe in the city map. He'll apologize for ganking your gold and tell you to look in the alley again. You'll find the M Disc, which you can play in the juke box in the Wildcat.

Sound Test:
When you are in the Yadrisil (Sandmarine Ship) go to the control room and talk to the large dolphin-like control man. Choose the top selection for a sound test. He'll keep asking the same question over and over. Select the first choice again for a new sound, or pick the second choice to leave.

View Gears:
After winning two rounds in the battle arena in Kislev, press R2+L2 to get the words off the screen that shows how long it took you to win the battle, then you can rotate your Gear by pressing left or right.

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