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You're viewing FIFA : Road To The World Cup '98 Cheat Codes

Game Name : FIFA : Road To The World Cup '98
System : Nintendo 64
Date Added : 2008-01-24 14:11:37
Views : 26056

Invisible Players
In Player Edit, choose Sheffield Wednesday and enter WAYNE as a player's name.

No Stadium
Select Player Edit, choose any team, and put in CATCH22 as the player's name.

Hot Potato Mode
Go to the player edit menu and pick team Ireland in the section UEFA and enter the name SPUD in all caps. The cheat will make a timer appear and when the countdown hits zero, your players will fall on there back.

Cinema Menu
To access a menu of assorted cinema scenes, start by naming the first player of team Japan NORIE. Now, begin the Road to World Cup mode and go to the Round Select screen. Press Z, left-C, and up-C at the same time.

Ghost Players
Choose Customize Squad, and then select Player Edit and do the following: Choose the Zone 4 - UEFA league, select the Slovakia team, and change any player's name to LASKO

Round Select
To choose any round in World Cup mode to compete in, change the name of the first player on team Japan to YUJI.

Small Players
In Player Edit, choose Vancouver and enter KERRY as a player's name.

Creations Software Team
At the stadium select screen, Press R Shift to access the Team Managment options. Select Customise Player and change the player's name to BuryFC.

Unlimited Skill Points
Change the first player's name on team Vancouver to DAVE. This code gives you unlimited skill points to use in the Player Edit mode.

Get World Class players easily
Firstly buy a cheap player for your team (like one from Sweden or Malasia) and change his name and looks to the player you want. Now activate the unlimited skill point cheat and give him the right attributes. Another way you can do this is do it on existing players in your team or just activate the cheat and put everyone's attributes all the way up.

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